VOYAGE A BRISTOL/CARDIFF 6°/5°/4° – Avril 2018

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Day 5

In the morning we didn’t go to Cardiff but we went to discover Bristol.

So a tour guide showed us all the famous street artists like Banksy walking around the city.

For lunch we went to a restaurant named Catch 22 to try fish and chips and everyone liked it.

After that, John the coach driver drove us to London Gatwick to take the plane to Stavanger.

This was our last day in the UK 🇬🇧😢



Day 4

We started the fourth day with a guided tour of Bath. Liz (our guide for the tour) was really nice, and all of us enjoyed it.

After lunch, we visited the Roman baths. Romans built them here because of a source of hot mineral water, which was perfect for their health.

We also went to the fashion museum to learn about fashion history. All the clothes there were beautiful!

For the end of the day, we had some free time for shopping with our friends. We have also celebrated Gaetan’s birthday, who is now 12 years old ! Congratulations !



Day 3

The third day we took the coach to Cardiff city.

There was a guide who took us to Cardiff hall, and then on a tour in the coach. We all liked the man and the tour.

After we had free time to eat and buy things.

And then we went to the Millenium Stadium to see the the changing rooms and the stadium, we were very impressed how big it looked.

Finally we went to the National Museum of Cardiff.

In the museum we saw Natural History with animals and prehistoric objects. We also saw art from different countries and times, such as Rodin, Monet, Picasso and Bacon.



Day 2

Today we have visited the Big Pit and the St Fagans museum. At the Big Pit we went down the mine; it was cold and scary, we saw how the miners lived, how they communicated and the objects they used.Then we went to St Fagans museum to eat and we discovered the old lifestyle of the Welsh people but sadly it was raining a lot so we were all wet.

That was day two of our schooltrip to Cardiff.




On the first day we took the coach to the school in Cardiff.
We met all the students from the school, we joined their classes and had lots of fun.
Then we ate with the older students.
Ok so we left the school to go see the Cardiff Castle.
The tour guide showed us the different rooms in the castle.
Then we got some free time to go SHOPPING !!!



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