Art in English Winter Update

Hello from Art class! We have had a lot of fun these last few months exploring different techniques, media, and themes. The finished galleries looked so wonderful on display and I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.
1. For our Elements of Art project with Form, we practiced different techniques in paper sculpture. The projects were suspended from the ceiling, to more effectively display the three-dimensional qualities that the children worked so hard on. They did a wonderful job and really had fun with the concept.
2. For our Elements of Art project with Space, we demonstrated how one could create the sense of three dimensions even on a flat piece of paper.
3. For our Elements of Art project with Texture, we worked with different materials that the kids would normally not encounter in class. We also learned about engraving techniques.
4. For the holidays, we started on a few craft projects to decorate the classroom. The paper snowflakes in the windows demonstrate radial symmetry, the holiday candle holders on the shelf were made with glass paint, and the small herd of stand-up reindeer on the table feature an accordian fold. The candles looked very pretty when we turned off the lights!
5. Just like we incorporate English into Art class, we also incorporate Art into English class! Our current wall gallery in class features posters that everyone made about themselves. They wrote everything themselves and then illustrated what they wrote.
6. Finally, our first art project upon returning to school was to create a three-dimensional snowflake exhibit to take the place of the form sculptures. It goes very well with all the snow we have outside!